Three Chart Review Chart Reviews are not only required at a minimum of once per year for compliance but also are essential in audit prevention and audit response.


A Chart Review provides a comprehensive evaluation and Report-of-Findings of your practice coding, billing, documentation and fees.


Other reasons a Chart Review may be beneficial:

  • New billing or data entry staff person(s)
  • Practice Accounts Receivable is increasing -Increase of denials
  • You’re in an audit or have been requested by a 3rd party payor to refund monies paid
  • New doctor onboard 
  • Your practice is responsible for his/her documentation and billing


There is no contract required for our Virtual Assistant Services.

Chart Review Services - 180 Minutes

  • Once the Chart Review Service request is received, CHelpDesk will reach out within 1 business day or less to schedule a convenient time to speak.

  • To cancel please submit written notice to CHelpdesk Solutions. Cancellation may take up to 30 days to process. No contracts, fees or other requirements.

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