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Coding - Collections - Compliance


CHelpDesk is a unique service providing comprehensive HelpDesk services for the chiropractic

and multi-discipline industry regarding hot topics and doctor/chiropractic assistant 

questions that occur every day in your practice!

Our team holds multiple certifications in coding, billing, compliance and auditing. 

We look forward to serving you!

References and resources are provided with our responses for your own records.

CHelpDesk Solutions saves your practice time and money in searching for answers

and up-to-date correct information. 


Your CHelpDesk Virtual Assistant is efficient! 

Response can be expected in 24-48 business hours.

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There is NO OTHER service like us!


Proper Coding Results In:

-Clean billing

-Less denials

-Less processing delays


-Over-the-Counter patient collections

-Patient billing & collections

-Insurance collections and payment posting

-Denial management and appeals

-Accounts Receivable management


-Office of Inspector General (OIG)

-HIPAA Privacy

-HIPAA Security

-Office Policy and Procedure

-Social Media compliance


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Select the Plan That Meets Your Needs.

Virtual Assistant Services


Virtual Assistant Services

Do you have questions but do not want ongoing coaching or consulting?

Half-hour or full hour Pay-Per-Call allows you address the hot topics for your practice without any ongoing obligations.

Chart Review

A Chart Review provides a comprehensive evaluation and Report-of-Findings of your practice coding, billing, documentation and fees.

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